Finally, a Bra for Hard to Fit Sizes: Full Figure Underwire Front Closure Racerback Bra

One of the most beautiful things about a woman’s body is that her shape is completely different from any other woman on the planet. Each woman’s body shape is as unique as the woman herself. This individuality is the spice of life and makes our world so much more interesting. BUT, it’s also what makes wardrobe shopping difficult when you don’t fit the typical mold of what clothing designers deem “normal.” FRUSTRATING, right? Finally, a full figure bra for hard to fit sizes is here for your amazingly unique body shape.

Finally, a Full Figure Bra for Hard to Fit Sizes

We hear all too many stories about women who need a larger band and smaller cup to fit their beautiful bodies. Most bra companies, even full figure bra companies, don’t make bras to accommodate bra sizes such as 42A, 42B, 44A, 44B, 46A, 46B, 48A and 48B. They assume that if you need a larger band your breasts must be large too. At Leading Lady we know that’s not necessarily the case. And if you fall into that category, you need a comfortable bra that is supportive of your unique shape. Enter our Full Figure Underwire Front Closure Racerback Bra.

This bra is your answer to hard to fit sizes. In addition to offering a variety of sizes, our Full Figure Underwire Front Closure Racerback Bra provides a seamless lifted silhouette for your best look every day. The full coverage cups and underwire design support your breasts ideally and in comfort, plus the front closure makes dressing a cinch.

Here’s what women like you are saying about our Full Figure Underwire Front Closure Racerback Bra:

FINALLY FOUND MY PERFECT SIZE…I am ecstatic at finding this bra in 46A which I realize is an oddball size. I have been tortured for years wearing the wrong size bra and this one is just right. It fits my shoulders without hurting and I can’t even feel the underwire. I can wear this bra all day without having to yank it off after a few hours like I used to do with my other bras in the past. It’s also a beautiful bra, so that’s a bonus.” by Zombietta on Amazon

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra!… OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra! I’m a short fat lady w/little boobies, so it’s really difficult to find a bra large enough to fit
around me and yet have a cup size that truly fits *my* cup size. The straps are comfy and will hold up/in my little tiny boobies. And the underwire doesn’t cut into or rub my underarms. I’ll definitely be buying more of these.” by pc51505 on Amazon

Love This Bra!…I love this bra! This is one of my new favorite bras! It fits really well and it is very comfortable! I love not having to tug at this bra for being uncomfortable or shifting around which my previous bras did a lot. I will be buying more of this bras in other colors!” by RiverSong on Amazon

So happy I could cry…I’m a big gal with a small bust. I’ve spent the last 10 years wearing stretchy sports bras because I was told I’d have to have a “custom made bra” because my size was so unique. Who knows how expensive that could have been. I gave up wearing a real bra for years. I gave Amazon a chance a couple days ago and guessed my size at a 42A. It arrived today and when I put it on I could cry. I finally have a real bra again and it’s comfortable and looks nice.” by Krista on Amazon

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