Valentine’s Day: What your Favorite Chocolate Says about You

Valentine’s Day: What your Favorite Chocolate Says about YouValentine’s Day is in just over two weeks and we’re getting pumped for the season of love…and chocolate! Chocolates of every kind are on the menu for Valentine’s Day but did you know your favorite flavor may be a window into your personality? We’re examining what your favorite chocolate says about you.

Milk Chocolate Lover

You’re a real classic and enjoy the simple things in life. You’re easy-going, people-pleasing and down-to-earth. You like the security and comfort of a long-term relationship. You go with the flow so let that milk chocolate flow this Valentine’s Day

Dark Chocolate Lover

You are sophisticated with a palate for the finer things in life. You are opinionated and have a strong personality, sometimes with a flair for the dramatic. But it all comes from a place of love. You are romantic and health conscious too, a great match for Valentine’s Day.

Nut Chocolate Lover

With the traditional nut in the center, you are old-fashioned in many ways. Perhaps you wish you lived in a different era so sometimes you judge others harshly. You have a close group of friends and are dependable. You are very straightforward and enjoy your routine. Get nutty this V-Day for your favorite chocolate.

Fruit Chocolate Lover

You are filled to the brim with sweetness. You love talking to others, especially friends, and you are an open book. You try to see the good in everyone. Enjoy your sweet indulgence this Valentine’s Day and let the good times roll.

White Chocolate Lover

You’re a bit of a rebel because white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate at all. You may be introverted and like spending time with small groups or just your partner. Chances are you are creative and independent. So keep dreaming about that delicious white chocolate.

Caramel Chocolate Lover

You are happy-go-lucky with lots of energy that radiates and magnetizes others towards you. You can be impulsive, bold and courageous and you’re not lacking in self-esteem. Plus you’ve got smooth moves when it comes to love. Bite into that creamy caramel chocolate and satisfy your Valentine’s cravings.

Other Flavor Chocolate Lover

You may be dubbed quirky but you’re OK with that and all of the other outrageous decisions you make. You march to your own beat and find happiness in hidden places. Independence brings you joy. So go on, fill your chocolate with wacky flavors this Valentine’s Day.

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