Let’s Get Sexy: 8 Tips to Boost your Self-Confidence

Let’s Get Sexy: 8 Tips to Boost your Self-Confidence

Feeling great about yourself shouldn’t just be a thing you do around Valentine’s Day to spice up your love life. Focusing on the most positive you should be a year-round goal. These aspects of yourself can easily get lost in the tasks and responsibilities of everyday life. We’re here to show you how to boost your self-confidence and feel sexier now and forever more.

Tip #1: Wear Sexy Bras

Self-confidence comes from within, that’s true. But starting from underneath can help too. Wear your sexier bras more often, especially on days when you need a secret weapon to feel your best. A sexy bra makes you stand a little taller and literally gives you the lift you need to be more confident.

Tip #2: Accentuate the Positive

We can all find things we don’t like about ourselves but make an effort to focus on what you do like. Pick out your best features to embellish. Perhaps you have beautiful big eyes or luscious lips that you can accentuate with makeup. Or maybe your hair or skin are your brightest features. Make them work to your advantage to feel amazing about yourself.

Tip #3: Have a Mantra

Whenever you feel you need to boost your self-confidence, say your own personal mantra. It can be as simple as “you got this” or a line from a movie or poem you love. Your mantra can even be something you learned as a child. Whatever lifts your spirits will do the trick.

Tip #4: Move More

Get your blood pumping with movement. Your blood delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, which can elevate your mood, help you think better and motivate you. Sedentary lifestyles are terrible for your health, in part because the zap your energy and impair your emotional state. Move your way into self-assurance.

Tip #5: Wear High Heels

Like a sexy bra, high heels raise your self-confidence to new heights. They also lift your bottom, elongate your legs and lengthen your overall look. This slight change in your appearance can make you feel sexier. So go ahead, have a shoe fetish in the name of self love!

Tip #6: Smile

It’s simple but true – those who smile more are happier. Even if you have to fake the smile, eventually it will make you feel happy. Smiling is a big way to boost your self-confidence.

Tip #7: Listen to Music

There’s nothing like some great music to make you feel awesome! Singing and dancing to the music help a lot too. When you need to add positivity to your day, put on your favorite tunes for 30 minutes and you’ll come out brighter and more upbeat on the other side.

Tip #8: Pamper Yourself

When all else fails, go do something that you love. That may be a spa treatment or a fresh haircut; buying a new bike or gardening tools; or splurging on a new outfit or handbag. While “stuff” shouldn’t be the source of your confidence, sometimes it can give you a little nudge in the right direction.

We hope these ideas boost your self-confidence and help you feel sexier this Valentine’s Day, next Valentine’s Day and every day in-between!

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