Full Figured Fashion: Leopard Print Inspired

Fashion inspiration comes from many places but one of our favorite is nature.  And nothing’s more fun than wild prints, especially leopard.  Two of our favorite full figure bras were inspired by leopard print fashions: our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra and our active wear full figure bra.  Both are uber comfortable and stylish for casual activities, low impact exercise and sleeping.


Leopard prints are an exciting way to jazz up your full figure fashion.  While we love black ensembles, sometimes is nice to give them a little pizzazz with a wild print.  By throwing on a leopard print cardigan, belt, headband or shoes, you can add some energy to all black outfits.  Or go bolder and try leopard print leggings with sneakers, heels or boots for a wildly outrageous look.  And if a corner of your leopard print bra shows, that’s not such a bad thing.

Playful leopard print full figure clothes inspire us and there is no better pairing than a leopard print full figure bra to give you support and comfort beneath your clothes.  And have you ever noticed that when you’re wearing a fun print, even on your intimates, you feel a bit peppier yourself?  Confidence comes from the in-side, or in this case the intimates-side.

Not sure how to style your leopard print full figure bras?  Let us offer a few suggestions:

First up, our zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra.  This chic leisure bra is the perfect fit for a variety of pieces in your leopard print wardrobe.  We love a trendy leopard print cardigan with black pants or jeans.  A three-quarter length sleeve makes it a bit more interesting and cooler for a variety of seasons, and the open buttons styling at the top and bottom is brilliant.  With your zig zag front closure leisure full figure bra, you’ll be “spotted” on the best dressed list among all of your friends.

Want a little more leopard?  Go for this sassy casual leopard print dress.  Great as a stand-alone dress or with leggings, this mod outfit is the best of leopard.  With your leopard leisure bra, you’ll be struttin’ this sexy look with confidence.

If you prefer leopard legs, try a spandex blend leopard print legging. We love them with a red contrasting top.  In fact, leopard leggings are trendy for any season with a variety of tops ranging from a tank top, t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt.


Next up is a fun twist on the leopard print.  It’s our white leopard print active wear bra.  This bra is ideal for light exercise, walking, running errands and lounging at home.  With the ultimate comfort and support in mind, your leopard print active wear bra works perfectly beneath a stretchy leopard t-shirt or athletic zipper front sweatshirt.

For some leopard inspiration on the bottom, we love these two options: You’ll be stylin’ at the gym in white leopard print crop sweatpants and your white leopard print active wear bra.  Or enjoy some wild dreams in your leopard full figure bra and leopard pajama pants.

Let your leopard lingerie bring out a bolder you.  Come on our wild safari ride and get inspired by nature with us!


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