Games for Siblings and Babies

If you have two or more little ones in your home, you know that playtime with siblings isn’t always fun and games. When multiple children need your attention at once in the playroom or while doing an activity, what’s a mom to do? It can be difficult juggling the playtime needs of several children but when you involve everyone in games for siblings and babies, you’ll find a happy middle ground.

Check out these fun games for siblings and babies:

Peek-a-Sibling: An oldie but a goodie, peek-a-boo never gets old to baby, and your toddler or preschooler probably has the stamina for an endless round of it. Help your older child find objects to cover with, such as scarves, paper plates and blankets.

Puppet Play: Even if your older child cannot yet read, she can tell a story to your baby using puppets. Encourage her to be interactive with the baby by gently touching the puppets to baby’s skin and ask baby to mimic sounds.

Games for Siblings and BabiesPicture Books: Your children may enjoy lying or sitting together looking at picture books. Black & white books may be most intriguing to younger babies, while books with large, vibrant pictures, touchable items or liftable flaps may satisfy older babies.

Family Band: Spread out all of your toy instruments and let your kids play music together as if they were in a band. You can even make up songs to go along with the instrumentals.

Tickle Tag: Allow your kids to take turns “chasing” each other. Whoever gets caught gets tickled by the other sibling. Babies especially love big reactions when they try to tickle someone.

Play Ball: Some babies learn to roll or throw balls fairly early. If this is your baby, tossing a ball back and forth with siblings can be a lot of fun. When the game get stale, add an extra ball to the mix to make it more interesting.

Conversation Bubble: Babies babble the silliest things and they are even sillier to older siblings. When your baby babbles, ask your older children what they think baby is saying. They’ll probably come up with some off-the-wall ideas that will make everyone laugh, including baby.

Demolition Team: Ask your older kids to build a tower with blocks that they can knock down with your baby. Setting this expectation early will avoid disappointment from older kids when baby comes along to destroy their creation.

Find Your Groove: Nothing is more heart-warming than watching your older kids make your baby smile. Encourage your bigs to find that one go-to funny thing they like to do to get your baby to light up.

We hope your kiddos have hours of fun playing these games for siblings and babies!

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