Healthy New Year….Sports Bras

As the New Year is upon us, many of our resolutions are getting in shape.   If you’re pregnant, moderate exercise is considered acceptable and healthy, especially if it was part of your routine pre-conception.  If you’ve recently had a baby, you may feel you have been dealt a double whammy between trying to lose the baby weight and having just eaten your way through the holidays.  The thought of going to the gym may sound worse than labor pains!

Not to worry — We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you get started:

Clear it with your physician! Whether you are pregnant or nursing, getting your doc’s approval is essential before hitting the gym!

  • Find a fitness regime that works for you: Consider your interests, your schedule and your fitness level.
  • Listen to your body: Ensure you are not over-exerting yourself by taking frequent breaks and not get over-heated.
  • Stay hydrated: Water can aid in reducing headaches, cramps and nausea during pregnancy. H20 is essential for nursing mamas as well – water it is the key component of breast milk, so moms should make sure to replenish after a workout.
  • Stay supported: Make sure you have a great fitness bra. Leading Lady has expectant and new moms covered with excellently fitted, comfortable and supportive bras for light and moderate exercise.

For walking, biking and lifting weights, try Leading Lady’s Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra with cushioned straps and made from supportive yet stretch fabrics to ensure the bra moves with your body during activity.

For yoga and stretching, try Leading Lady’s Bralette or our Cotton Wirefree Front Closure Bra, both offering extreme comfort and a bit of style to your light workout.

Your workouts will differ slightly if you are a mom-to-be, or if you are breastfeeding.

If you’re pregnant, try:

  • Low impact: walking, swimming, pre-natal yoga, stretching, dancing, low impact aerobics and light weight training may be good choices for you.
  • Start slowly: tailor your exercise program and never workout to the point of exhaustion or breathlessness.
  • Avoid contact sports: any activity where your footing may be unstable should be skipped, and be cautious when lying on your back.

If you’re nursing, try to:

  • Take it lightly: once your doctor gives you the green light, start with light exercise and build your way back up to your pre-baby fitness level.
  • Manage your expectations: Your body has just been through nine months of intense changes, so don’t expect your flat tummy and your curvaceous muscles to return overnight.
  • Go slow: losing weight too quickly can release toxins into the bloodstream, which will get into your milk supply.
  • Bond & burn calories: breastfeeding assists weight loss because your body turns stored fat into milk.

Remember, working out can and should be fun.  If you choose to see it as a hobby and investment in your health, your mind will help you power through the rest.  Enjoy and good luck!

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