Holiday Meals and Breastfeeding

The holidays are often associated with food, and with good reason. Grandma’s time-honored recipes and your sister’s famous desserts are sure to be on the menu. You’ll want to take part in the festivities and just because you’re nursing, doesn’t mean you can’t!

holiday meals and breastfeedingUnless you have food allergies in your family, there really are not any foods that I recommend avoiding. Our looser fitting nursing tanks, like the shirred front dot tank, will even give you a bit more room should you choose to indulge.  If you are still battling post-baby weight, however, I would suggest making smart food choices and limiting your intake of high-fat foods or empty calorie foods. Fill up on white meat turkey and nutrient-packed baked sweet potatoes, for example, and take smaller portions of the stuffing and creamy casseroles. Remember, it’s you that suffers if you make unhealthy food choices.  Your body takes the nutrients it needs to make milk for your baby first and then you get what is left over!

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