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Jet Setting MamaIf you are traveling for a big summer vacation, you may have some anxiety over breastfeeding on the go.  As you are learning, the key to successful outings with your little one is planning, and going away for several days requires a little more advance preparation than a visit to the grocery store.  We have put together a checklist of some essentials you’ll need to bring along for your next extended trip:

  • First and foremost, while traveling, wear something that allows easy access to your breasts.  A top or sweater that is easy to lift or a nursing camisole, like Leading Lady’s nursing cami with inner sling, are great choices.  Also make sure you have a comfortable and functional nursing bra.  Leading Lady offers a variety of styles that feature clasp cups, crossover cups or front closures to suit your tastes.
  •  If you want added discretion, bring a nursing cover or light blanket to drape      over your chest while the baby is feeding.  If you are nursing while getting from place-to-place, look for a quiet corner of the airport or a restaurant, or stay in your car and nurse in the parking lot.
  •  Your vacation schedule will inevitably differ form your schedule at home,      especially if there is a time change at your destination.  Be sure to bring your breast pump in case your baby is not eating at her normal times.  And don’t forget the accoutrements including extra bottles and a cooler for transporting milk.
  •  Nursing in new places can be intimidating for your baby too.  Bring some expressed milk with you as backup in case your baby refuses to nurse. If you are traveling by plane, you may bring bottles with more than the restricted 3 oz. limit but be prepared for them to be inspected.
  •  As usual when you are nursing, hydration is a must.  Air travel and higher altitudes can be dehydrating so drink lots of water and have snacks available too.
  •  Be confident and flexible.  If you are not used to breastfeeding in public and are self-conscious about it, remember that you performing one of the most natural acts of love and nourishment for your baby.  Also adjust your mindset to vacation mode and allow your baby to tell you when she is hungry.  Traveling is exciting and tiring, which may require a flexible feeding schedule.
  •  As you are packing for your trip, you may wonder how you are going to      simulate your exact nursing situation in your home.  The truth is, you can’t, but breastfeeding without your nursing pillow and rocking chair will be OK.  Instead of your nursing pillow, use blankets or soft toys you are bringing to comfort and entertain your baby already.  And you will find a comfortable chair in all corners of the world.  Don’t worry, your baby will be happy to be close to you and excited to experience something new.

Safe travels, happy breastfeeding and have fun!   

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