Nutritional Supplements for Kids – Part 2

Nutritional Supplements for Kids – Part 2Not all children need nutritional supplements, especially if they are getting a well-rounded diet. However, if your kids’ diet is lacking or if they have specific physical, behavioral or neurological issues you want to address, some out of the ordinary nutritional supplements for kids may be a good choice for your family. Check out these off the beaten path nutritional supplements for kids and be sure to consult your pediatrician before starting any new supplements.

Gelatin: It may sound weird that the ingredient in Jell-O and gummy candies, gelatin, is a nutritional supplement for kids. When it’s not surrounded by all that sugar, gelatin is marvelous for your kids’ digestive system and supports strong skin, hair and nails. You can add it to almost any drink and works particularly well in smoothies.

Probiotics:  If your child struggles with GI issues, a probiotics may be the first step in trying to heal the gut. Probiotics help populate the gastrointestinal tract with healthy flora and combat some of the harmful bacteria that enter our bodies. Probiotics aid the immune system that resides in the gut too.

Magnesium: Sleep issues have their own set of nutritional supplements for kids to help balance the sleep-wake cycle. Magnesium is terrific for soothing kids to sleep. It comes as a traditional capsule or you can get a spray-on version that absorbs directly into the skin. Epsom salt baths contain a good deal of magnesium and are another option for getting this restful nutrient.

Melatonin: Another great sleep aid that you may have heard of for adults is Melatonin. It is a hormone your body naturally produces but your child may need more of it if her sleep patterns are out of whack. It can also help curb defiant, aggressive and hyperactive behavior.

Cod Liver Oil: Your kids may not like this one but it’s actually amazing for their health. Cod Liver Oil, the oil extracted from cod, is a tremendous source of omega-3 fatty acids and also boasts a good deal of Vitamin A and D. It is known to enhance moods and support cognition. If a spoonful isn’t a hit in your house, try blending it into food or spreading it on a sweet snack.

Zinc: Zinc offers stellar neurological and behavioral benefits for children including counteraction of the urge for hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It also reduces copper in the brain that can lead to unwanted behavior and attention deficient issues. Zinc is naturally found in dairy products, meat, chicken and shellfish.

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