Prepare for Your Week on Sundays – Part 2


Prepare for Your Week on Sundays – Part 2The weekend is just hours away and surely you’re ready for a little relaxation and fun. As you get excited for the weekend ahead, keep these tips in mind to prepare for your week on Sundays so next week is a little easier to chew.

Conversation Starters

Send emails with questions or information you have for the upcoming days. Getting conversations started on Sundays can help jumpstart your week. Even if others don’t respond until Monday morning, you’ll be able to process and get to work pretty quickly as your week revs up. So go ahead and plan that play date or ask your co-worker for their take on something on Sunday, but don’t get annoyed if you don’t hear back until the next day.

Have Family Time

Sunday evenings are splendid for family dinners, game nights or a family meeting. It’s a great way to seal a fun-filled weekend and connect before the week sends everyone in a million directions. This special time can be something you all look forward to after working hard to prepare for your week on Sundays.

Make Goals

Take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish during the week. These can be small goals, like organizing a drawer, or larger goals like advancing to the next level in your workout routine. You may want to think about goals for your little ones too – is someone growing out of their clothes? Is there a seasonal craft you want to try with the kids? Is it time for a fun baking project? Plan to achieve one exciting goal in every aspect of your life each week.

Get Inspired

Do one thing that will warm your soul and provide inspiration for your week. It can be anything from listening to uplifting music, reading a book or looking at inspirational photos, to taking a walk or talking to a positive friend. As you prepare your home, your family, your schedule and your food for the week, take the time to prepare your spirit as well.

Head to Bed Early

Starting your week rested is one of the best ways to ensure a happy and productive week. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get to bed at a decent hour. You’ll be so grateful that you did come Monday morning!

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