Preparing for Baby: Flying While Pregnant

Preparing for baby: flying while pregnantWhile everything inside your body is changing, shifting and growing, your day-to-day life during pregnancy may be business as usual and you’re itching to get away.  Or perhaps you are eager to take a “baby moon” before your new little one arrives.  Whatever your reason may be for traveling and flying while pregnant, you might have some questions about the safety of you and your baby during a trip.

We’ve put together some basic guidelines to help you prepare and ease your mind while traveling while pregnant:

Flying While Pregnant

Most health care providers and air lines will allow healthy pregnant women to fly up until the 36th week of pregnancy.  Be sure to ask your physician before traveling and if you are close to your 36th week, you may want to bring a note from your doctor to show the air line if you are questioned.

If you have flexibility in your schedule, try to fly during your second trimester when you are most likely feeling your best.  Usually, energy levels are higher and morning sickness has subsided by the second trimester.  Regardless of when you travel, don’t overdo it!  Your body is undergoing more stress than usual so be sure to take breaks, eat healthily and get plenty of rest.

Some pregnant women are concerned about air pressure and radiation from flying.  Neither have proven to be a problem in otherwise healthy pregnant women who are flying sporadically for business or pleasure.

Driving While Pregnant

Wear your seatbelt!  The normal recommendation to wear a seat belt applies while you are pregnant, however the lap belt may sit a little lower under your growing belly!

Be prepared to make frequent stops.  If you are drinking the recommended amount of water, you will likely need regular bathroom breaks.

Air bags are OK.  Studies have proven that there is not a higher risk of complications in car accidents where airbags were deployed.

Safety first!  Just as you would normally, do not text or operate other electronics while driving.  Use caution, you have precious cargo on board.

General Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Drink lots of water.  Hydration is important for both you and baby, including your fluid levels.

Walk around and move your body frequently to increase circulation.  Swelling is already a symptom of pregnancy and can get worse from remaining seated for long periods of time.

Leading Lady's Zig Zag Weave Front Clousre Leisure BraWear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that allow your blood to flow freely.  If you do swell or become bloated from travel, you don’t want to feel restricted by your clothing, including bras, underwear and tight pants.  Maternity bras, lower cut underwear and pants that stretch at the waist are best during travel.

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We hope your summer is filled with fun and safe travels!

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