The Seamless Bra: A Perfectly Flawless Look and Feel in your Plus Size Bra

Leading Lady Molded Padded Underwire Full Figure BraA seamless bra, or as many of us call it – a T-shirt bra – may be the dreamiest bra in your lingerie drawer.  Imagine feeling so supported and so comfortable in a bra, you forgot you were even wearing one.  And better yet, you’ll get the smooth silhouette that this supportive plus size bra creates without any lines showing through.  A flawless look and feel, courtesy of a perfectly tailored, seamless bras.

A seamless bra may also be the most versatile of all bras. Bras are only as good as their functionality: what outfits within your wardrobe work with your bra, how well your bra fits and how comfortable it feels when you’re wearing it.

Wardrobe Functionality

Seamless bras go with just about everything in your closet: your favorite t-shirt, your work blouses and that slinky fitted dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion.  If your top requires a smooth line, a seamless T-shirt bra is the way to go.  Leading Lady’s molded padded seamless plus size bras in underwire or wirefree work nicely for a lifted bust and lower neckline.

Fit Functionality

Proper fit is essential in a plus size bra. That means measuring yourself often to find your ideal fit, and purchasing bras that are designed to support your shape.  Leading Lady’s bra size calculator is an excellent fit tool.

Look for bras that have adjustable straps and three or four hook-and-eye closures in back to help you find your ideal fit, especially if your size tends to fluctuate.

We are dedicated to helping women find their best fit.  Leading Lady bras are designed, molded and fitted for full figure women. This means our bras are made for your body, not adapted and expanded from molds created for other women.

Comfort Functionality

Let’s face it, if your bra is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it.  So make sure you make comfort a priority when you’re bra shopping.  The Leading Lady team adds special features in many of our full figure bras to ensure your upmost comfort, such as padded straps and a wide back to disperse weight evenly across your shoulders and back.  We also believe in seamless lines inside your bra cups to avoid skin irritation.

Add a seamless T-shirt bra (or three) to your lingerie drawer for the utmost comfort and functionality.  Right now, save $5 on each bra when you buy three or more!

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