Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas You’ll Love

unique-valentines-day-gift-and-date-ideas-youll-loveTired of red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates? You’re not alone. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’ve got some fresh date ideas for v-day gifts that steer clear of the tried-and-true ideas of yesteryear. Here are a few do-it-yourself gifts and sweet dates that are sure to please your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:



Breakfast in bed with a twist

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Every restaurant will be booked with reservations (most of them last-minute) and crowded with other couples. Do you want to have to shout across a cramped table to have a conversation with your date? Probably not. Why not try breakfast in bed with a twist? Prepare buttery, delicious waffles, strawberries cut into hearts, and other delectable breakfast favorites for dinner! There’s no culinary rule that prevents you from making breakfast at night, and bacon is the perfect side to any meal. Substitute your morning coffee for a mimosa or other adult beverage and settle in for a leisurely breakfast you’d never be able to enjoy on a normal morning.

Thoughtful gift for him

You know that list of projects you’d like to finish around the house when you have “free time”? We all keep a mental list of tasks we’d like to accomplish, so give a Valentine’s Day gift that’s both helpful and sweet and solve one of these projects for your loved one. One idea if you’re struggling to think of a good example is refresh your partner’s music on his iPod or other music player. Download a variety of new songs you know your partner loves and mix in a couple of classics that always put a smile on his face. Title the surprise playlist “Valentine’s Day 2014” or something sweet (inside jokes work well too!). When you return the player, leave a heart-shaped post-it note on the front with a quick note leading him to the playlist.

The best morning routine

Print out a couple of your favorite pictures of you and your partner, your pet, your kids, or anything important to the two of you. Decorate them with markers, cut a heart around him—whatever sweet details you want. When he goes to be Thursday night, quietly place or tape the photos so that they’re sure to be seen while he’s going through his morning routine. You don’t even need to add notes; let the pictures speak for themselves and remind him of all the love you’ve shared.

Gift in a jar

Mason jars are popping up right and left in craft projects, and Valentine’s Day is sure to be no exception. Buy a mason jar from your supermarket, dollar store, or local craft shop. Is your partner into cooking? Fill his jar with tiny packets of fancy sea salt, spices, or espresso beans covered in chocolate. Gourmet food items are found in all kinds of home good stores and even in the aisles of your supermarket. Even if he doesn’t have a specific hobby, fill a jar with cute candies and small gifts that might replace something that’s worn down, like ear buds or a money clip.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let us know your own creative ideas in the comments.


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