What We’re Excited about for 2015: A New Clothing Line by Melissa McCarthy

There are many things to look forward to in a New Year.  One thing we’re ecstatic about for 2015 is the arrival of Melissa McCarthy’s new clothing line.  Set to launch in the fall of next year, it is sure to be a hit for women of all sizes.

What We’re Excited about for 2015: A New Clothing Line by Melissa McCarthy

Photo by Ryapasova via wikimedia commons

You’d think that any Emmy winner and Oscar-nominee would have no trouble finding a slew of couture designers begging to dress her.  But that wasn’t the case for the loveable comedian Melissa McCarthy.  As a full figure woman, fashion designers were not interested in tailoring their dresses to her size, even for the red carpet.

But her struggle to find trendy clothes in her size isn’t the only thing that drives Melissa’s passion for fashion.  She says she’s always been into design.  As a child she would flip through fashion magazines and they toy around with her own patterns and designs.  Now she wants to bring some of her personal flare to modern women of all sizes.  And from her own experience dressing herself in a range of sizes, she plans to make casual, fun and functional sportswear for women of all shapes.

“I’m doing all sizes,” she said in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s a strange thing to stop at a certain size. Women don’t, so why should clothes?”

Melissa’s apparel line will not only be accessible to women of various sizes, it will also come at a reasonable price point and several retail options, including online.  Her theory: if you say accessible, you should be accessible.  That means every size, every price, every location.  She’s committed to bringing busy, modern women good options whether they live in Kansas or New York.  She already has plans to introduce accessories and beauty products to her brand in the next couple of years.

“I loved the playfulness of fashion. I think maybe that’s why I became an actress,” Melissa said in her interview. “You put on one outfit and feel one way, and another one will make you feel another way. Clothes are a wonderful tool.”

We are jazzed about Melissa’s rockin’ style and we can’t wait to see what her collection has to offer.  We’ll see you on the runway in 2015, Melissa.  Thanks for looking out for ALL of us!

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