Women’s Shaving: How to Get the Best Shave

Women’s Shaving: How to Get the Best Shave

You’ve probably been shaving since your teens, but are you doing it right?  Razor burn, cuts and dry skin are among the most common shaving problems women face.  But these can be issues of the past if you follow our simple shaving guidelines on how to get the best shave every time.

Exfoliate Before Shaving:  Razor burn and unsightly bumps, especially around the bikini area, can be significantly reduced if you remove dead skin before shaving.  Make it a practice to exfoliate your legs and bikini line twice a week and at least one day before you plan to shave.

Use Shaving Cream:  Many women skip this important step to save time but it can severely dry out your skin.  Look for a shaving cream or gel that is alcohol and fragrance free.  If you find yourself in the shower without shaving cream, hack it with conditioner.  But never use soap as it can further dry out your skin.

Use the Right Razor:  5-blade razors are the current gold standard and tend to get the cleanest, finest shave.  However, women with sensitive skin may want to stick with a 3-blade option that usually causes less irritation.  Never use a cheap single-blade razor.  These tend to result in more cuts and bumps.

Replace Razors Often:  Disposable razors or blades should be replaced every 5 to 10 full double leg shaves.  When blades become dull, they are less effective. This often leads to women adding pressure to the razor and cutting themselves.  And blades can trap bacteria that lead to infection.

Don’t Share Razors:  You may be tempted to snatch your guy’s razor but that’s not a good idea.  Razors designed for women are just as effective for traversing a woman’s curvy legs.  Sharing razors can spread germs as well.

Shave at the Right Time:  Shaving at night is a better choice because your legs swell overnight, causing some of the hair to retreat.  Plus, you get to hop in bed with silky smooth legs that will make you feel great.  Also, shave 10 to 15 minutes into your shower to allow your skin to soften.  This primes your legs for a closer and less tender shave.

Treat Razor Burn:  Warm compresses can help reduce redness, irritation and bumps from razor burn.  Also apply lotion to moist skin after every shower, whether you shaved or not.

Now that you know how to get the best shave, we wish you silky smooth legs this summer and always.

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