Pregnancy Belly Support: Carry your Bump in Comfort with these Solutions

Carrying around an extra 25-35 pounds (and sometimes more) in your abdomen can be quite taxing on your body. Back and pelvic pain are most common during pregnancy as the concentration of belly weight puts pressure behind and below the area. So, while your baby bump may be housing a bundle of joy, the extra weight and pain it can cause could be altogether unenjoyable.

Pregnancy belly support in the form of a maternity belt, belly band and maternity support leggings can be exactly what you need to lift your bump and relieve your pain. In addition to making you feel better, you can comfortably remain active and perhaps less stressed during your pregnancy. They could help your posture as well. With improved physical health you’re more likely to maintain positive mental and emotional health, which is vital to you and your baby.

Leading Lady’s maternity belt and bump support band are designed to help manage the exact issues expectant moms face. Consider this: a sports bra keeps your breasts from bouncing during movement. Similarly, these pregnancy belly support solutions cradle your bump and disperse the weight to reduce pain and discomfort. Plus, you can follow your doctor’s orders and stay more active knowing your belly is secure. Here’s a quick glance at our affordable, effective technologies.

Pregnancy Belly Support Solutions

Leading Lady Maternity Belt



Our maternity belt is a unique dual-layer adjustable system that comfortably takes pressure off your abdomen, pelvis and back. It sits right below your bump, catching the weight with just the perfect snugness. A second adjustable layer allows you to find your ideal comfort every day. Almost instantly you’ll feel relief as the maternity belt eases pressure and supports your posture. This pregnancy belly support belt can be worn discreetly beneath your clothes or over your clothes.

Leading Lady Belly Band

Leading Lady Belly Band | 4081

A second pregnancy belly support option is Leading Lady’s belly band. With stretchy softness our patented extra wide support zone extends from the top of your bump to your hips. You’ll feel a gentle lift and love the smooth seamless look beneath your clothes. The flexible material stretches throughout your pregnancy to keep up with your growing baby bump.

Leading Lady Maternity Support Leggings

Leading Lady Maternity Support Leggings | 4022

If you like our belly band, you’ll love our maternity support leggings that have a built-in baby bump support band. Now your must-have maternity leggings can be even more comfortable as they lift your bump and release pressure from your back, pelvis and hips. For moms-to-be in need of pregnancy belly support, our maternity leggings are the perfect solution for comfort and style.

In addition to usage during pregnancy, maternity belts, belly bands, and maternity support leggings are helpful during your postpartum stage too. You may experience stretched skin, looser joints and weakened abdominal muscles. Snug support throughout the region can help you heal faster and feel better as you do so.

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