Nursing Supplies, Your Nursing Survival Kit

If you were stuck on an island with your baby, what nursing supplies would you bring with you?  We’re breaking down which nursing supplies you must have in your nursing survival kit, and which ones are modern luxuries.

Nursing Supplies:  The Essentials

Leading Lady Molded Padded Nursing BraFortunately, breastfeeding is a pretty low maintenance activity!  You certainly want to make sure you have nursing bras to make nursing access a snap.  (If your island is in a tropical locale, we highly recommend nursing tank tops.)  To prepare you for your nursing adventure, right now you can save $15 off your nursing bra purchase of $100 or more!

If you tend to leak, nursing pads that insert into your nursing bras will also be necessary.  And new moms who experience nipple soreness may want to pack hydrogel pads in their nursing survival kit to cool the irritated area.

You’ll probably want to use a burp cloth to avoid dribbles of milk on your clothes while burping.  Each baby burps differently, but you should at least try to burp your baby after each breast, if not several times during feedings on each breast.

While you’re feeding your baby, you also need water and nourishment.  Always have water on hand because breastfeeding can be dehydrating.  And be sure to eat clean foods to give both you and baby the nutrition you need.

Nursing Supplies:  Nice to Have

Nursing suppliesIf your baby is young and an avid nurser, a nursing pillow is nice to have on hand.  Many pillows are designed to fit around mom’s waist so baby can lay comfortably facing mom.  This frees up at least one hand for mom, too.  If a true nursing pillow isn’t available, using regular pillows or blankets will also do the trick.

Depending on your level of modesty, you may want to bring a nursing cover that will give you and baby a bit of privacy during feedings.

If you plan to explore your island and leave baby with your partner for a while, a breast pump will allow you to express milk for an occasional bottle feeding.  Various breast pumps offer different functionality so pick one that works best for your lifestyle.

Nursing Supplies:  Luxuries

Fortunately, breastfeeding can be done almost anywhere, but many moms love rocking their babies in a rocking chair while nursing.  The rocking motion is typically calming to baby and the peacefulness of rocking while breastfeeding makes for beautiful bonding time.

Music or some form of non-distracting entertainment (ie, no TV!) can be soothing for both mom and baby.  Studies show that babies respond positively to music, as any mother knows after shushing a baby with a lullaby.  In adults and babies alike, music can lift spirits, calm nerves and increase bonding.  If no music is available, even a tone-def mother’s song is helpful.

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