Recycle Renew: How Your Bras Can Save The Earth…and Change another Woman’s Life!

Happy Earth Day, Leading Ladies!

bra-recyclers-oneWhat can we do to be more sustainable in our everyday practices? Carpool to work, use refillable water bottles, and composting leftovers at home are all great, practical Earth-friendly solutions that will help sustain our environment. Do you donate gently used clothing to your local veteran’s group or Salvation Army? Even the items you might not think to donate are always appreciated by volunteers and those in less fortunate positions. So, in honor of this year’s Earth Day, we asked Bra fit expert and stylist Lisa Cole to weigh on what to do with your old, gently-used bras that have been collecting dust in the back of your lingerie drawer. She reminded us of a great organization that collects and distributes used bras to women across the globe. In the spirit of giving back, helping others, and living a “green” lifestyle, Lisa weighed in on what to do with bras you don’t fit into or wear anymore:

Bras sorted for donationsWhen you hear the words “Earth Day,” does your focus and attention immediately go to how many cans, bottles and plastic items you have recently recycled?  As women, the first item on our recycling list would never be a bra, right?  Most of us would say no (including myself) until I stumbled across The Bra Recyclers almost a year ago.  This unique organization exists to help recycle and distribute bras that have been worn to women with a need around the globe.  Over the years, numerous women have asked me, what do I do with my gently worn or old bras?  The Bra Recyclers have solved this puzzle and my clients feel great about purchasing  new bras after donating! This is what I call a win-win for every woman.  If you’re considering shopping for new bras, remember that every woman should own at least 4-6 outfit solutions. Here are a few bra styles and my recommendations for spring:

T-Shirt Bra – Have you tried the Molded Seamless Padded Underwire T-Shirt Bra yet? Smooth cups and perfect coverage from every angle!

Sports Bra – Stretch in comfort with this pull over Sports Bra made with soft, breathable cotton.

No Wire or Leisure Bra – Front closure with stretchy, supportive cups and smoothing shape. Perfect “after work” bra to unwind in.

Sexy Lace – Need I say more? Every woman needs a lacy black bra in her drawer for a special night out.

As you celebrate Earth Day today, think about making a goal for 2014-15 to be the year of going “green” in your bra drawer. Recycle, renew, and when you do a woman will thank you for caring and sharing.   Happy Earth Day!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com.  She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country. 

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